Trip Overview



The Go Girls flew into Shannon airport and rented a vehicle to explore the Southern coastal area of Ireland. Our first stop was The Cliffs of Mohr in County Clare, Ireland. The cliffs were  magnificent. Over the next ten days we stayed in adorable towns adorned in greenery and beauty, including, Dingle, Killarney, Cork and of course, Dublin.


We found most accommodations to be reasonably priced. We chose to stay at the Castlerosse Hotel and Holiday Homes in Killarney for the majority of our trip. The hotel was perfect, situated next to a golf course in a perfect location, with easy access to the town and trail to Ross Castle  We also stayed in a small hotel in Dublin, but I would recommend finding a Bed and Breakfast. Many Irish families open up their homes and host visitors. This is the best way to immerse yourself in Irish culture and learn about Irish tradition.


It is somewhat difficult to get around without having a rental car. There are taxis, but they will need to be arranged beforehand. Another option is a tour or city bus. The Girls opted to get a rental car. Be prepared to drive on the opposite side of the road, in the opposite side of the car, traversing roundabouts every few miles (in the opposite direction of course). The passengers had to close their eyes in fear most the time, as it took a little getting used to. Driving in the countryside, from town to town had it's own set of challenges including extremely narrow roads and protruding rocky cliffs. Driving in Dublin is not for the faint of heart. Cars actually bump each other inducing sheer panic, as none of us were used to real-life bumper cars.

Things to See

Every inch of Ireland is magical, so it's extremely difficult to summarize what sites to see while visiting. Our favorite sites and activities included seeing The Cliffs of Mohr, exploring the charming seaside town of Dingle, touring countless castles, including kissing the famous Blarney Stone and enjoying a cold Guinness along the way.

Tips and Tricks

If you decide to rent a car, read and reread the fine print. We were charged double the amount with the added insurance. We read the fine print and still got duped, so be cautious. I've heard  of this happening to others.

Our rental car was short one gallon in fuel. They added an additional $80 fuel surcharge. Again - Be careful, take pictures of the car and gauges before and after.

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