Germany Overview



We made Munich the home base the first 4 days and stayed in a hotel – TRYP by Wyndham. Since we had a car, we weren’t too worried about being near the city center.  The train was about a 25 minute walk from where we were staying, which, in hindsight, was probably a good walk for us after participating heavily in the Oktoberfest festivities.   From Munich we went to Rothenburg and then Cologne, staying in an adorable place called Villa Sophienhohe in Kerpen, which is about a 45 minute drive outside of Cologne, kind of out in the country side.   We only stayed here one night before heading to Amsterdam.


The Girls highly recommend renting a car here.  The roads are better than we have here in America and people are actually good drivers!  Germans drive really, really well, which is something you want when driving 100+mph on the autobahn.   We dropped the car off in Amsterdam though as it really isn’t needed.  You can find more on that in the Amsterdam post.

Things to See

There is really a lot to see in Germany.   The old buildings, the cute little towns and Oktoberfest itself is an event to attend.   Munich is near Austria so daytripping that way is highly recommended.

Tips and Tricks

As mentioned above, we’d definitely recommend renting a car, if it’s in your budget.  While we only used public transport once in Munich and can’t speak for train travel across the country, being able to jump in the car and day trip from Munich was really easy with our own vehicle.  Also, we stressed a lot about pre-purchasing tickets to get in to a tent at Oktoberfest.  We didn’t pre-purchase and ended up having no problems getting in early (1pm) and getting a full table for our group.