Meet The Go Girls

April “The Hippie”

Outdoor and nature lover, I hug all the trees and am always on the lookout for critter sightings.  When I'm not petting everyone's dogs, I am typically looking for veg friendly food, good coffee and some sort of trail to hike or bike.  Oh and donuts.

Jennifer “The Spiritualist”


Travel nurtures the soul! Life is so rich and delicious. I can never wait to wake up and be in the physical movement of the awesomeness I get to experience everyday. I’m still trying to get a grasp on things I’ve experienced in silent moments of meditation that seemed like an eye-glance; yet transcended all possibilities. I believe it is paramount to awaken to life’s beauty, and exercise it’s fullness in order to be the YOU that you came here to BE. Connection is IT, and thankfully it flows freely~ so reach out to it, and claim it; it’s already yours.

Schia “The Critic”


Someone has to be, right? 😉 Travel offers many fun, positive experiences. However, there are always certain precautions to take to help ensure a safe journey. Although each persons’ experience will be unique, I will share my personal observations and advise accordingly.

Sandy “The Photographer”

I’m the one always making everyone wait so I can capture those perfect memories.  🙃  I often see things in a different light, so I’ll capture the unusual sights as well as the amazing views from our adventures!