Meet The Go Girls

April “The Hippie”


Outdoor and nature lover, I hug all the trees and am always on the lookout for critter sightings.  When I'm not petting everyone's dogs, I am typically looking for veg friendly food, good coffee and some sort of trail to hike or bike.  Oh and donuts.

Schia “The Critic”


Someone has to be, right? 😉 Travel offers many fun, positive experiences. However, there are always certain precautions to take to help ensure a safe journey. Although each persons’ experience will be unique, I will share my personal observations and advise accordingly.

Sandy “The Photographer”


I’m the one always making everyone wait so I can capture those perfect memories.  🙃  I often see things in a different light, so I’ll capture the unusual sights as well as the amazing views from our adventures!